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Thanksgiving will be here soon! The holiday is the perfect time for family celebrations and to sincerely express gratitude for all we have been blessed with. To help keep the kids entertained, we created some easy and fun crafts and activities they’re sure to love. These activities include Thanksgiving trees, homemade turkey crafts, fall collages, and everything else you can imagine for Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Gather up the kids and try one of these turkey craft ideas. It’s festive, fun, and easy enough to make with kids and toddlers.


Making and decorating a gratitude tree is a fun Thanksgiving tradition that the whole family can enjoy


This fun, inexpensive tree is easy enough for your kids to craft themselves! All you need are some tree branches and colored construction paper.

A branch, some construction paper leaves, and a few things to be thankful for: that’s all you need to make this thankful tree! Ask your kids to write what they’re thankful for on paper leaves, then stick it into the branches.
Have the whole family add leaves with the things they’re thankful for. Use it as cute fall décor or as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Cardboard Thankful Turkey Craft

This adorable cardboard thankful turkey craft is simple enough for little kids to complete with a bit of help or for older children to do on their own.

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Craft

This Thankful Turkey is a fun and cute writing craft that will be an adorable decoration for Thanksgiving! Kids will write different things that they are thankful for on the feathers.

Styrofoam Turkey

These turkey inspired crafts here will be great for decorating your home for the holiday. Watch kids giggle as they create their own turkey. These quick and easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids can be made in under 30 minutes using items that you probably already have around the house! so ANYONE can make these cute Thanksgiving kid’s crafts!

Pumpkin turkey Craft

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet craft

TURKEY Paper Bag Puppet CRAFT Learn how to make adorable low-mess Turkey Paper Bag Puppet in under 15 minutes time from start to finish! The perfect Thanksgiving Day craft! If you’re looking for a cute and simple craft to do with the kids, this Paper Bag Turkey Craft is for you! Great fun for the entire family!


Adorable pine cone turkey for kids to make. These are so cute and tactile.

Supplies you’ll need: pinecones, googly eyes, feathers, acrylic paint(red, yellow, orange), hot glue, orange felt, scissors

First, head out for a nature walk and find some pinecones. Then you just need to paint your pinecone using acrylic paint, Hot glue a few feathers to the bottom of a pinecone. Then add googly eyes and an orange triangle of felt for the beak.

Turkey Paper Headbands

These headbands come together in minutes and all the kids absolutely loved them. 



Supplies you’ll need: burnt out light bulb, two hearts shape cutout, acrylic paint (in brown, orange, white and black), felt (in red and orange), washer, paintbrush, colored feathers, hot glue gun, craft glue,

Make it: Paint the entire surface of the light bulb with brown paint. Let this paint dry completely, and Cut out two heart shape hearts with orange paint to secure as feet. Use craft glue to attach the washer to the top of the hearts so the bulb can rest without tipping. Then, cut out and attach a turkey waddle from red felt and beak from orange felt, and add white and black eyes using the handle end of the paintbrush. To finish, hot glue feathers to the back of the light bulb in a fan for the tail, and then top off with a mini straw hat and a silk flower.


Create this cute little scarecrow using just a few popsicle sticks, googly eyes, paint, and imagination!.  Popsicle stick crafts are always a hit, and scarecrows are fun for any of the Fall holidays.  Kids will love making their own unique ones with different accents.

DIY Maple Leaf Turkeys

These little DIY turkeys can be made from maple leaves and they are absolutely adorable. If you have a maple tree, let your little ones gather a few leaves for each turkey. Then they just glue the leaves onto construction paper or cardstock so that they create the turkey’s feathers. Then add google eyes and a construction paper beak and they’re all done.

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

These paper cup pilgrim hats are crayon containers and would make such cute decorations for the kid’s table at your Thanksgiving dinner. You might even want to make one hat per child and have them take the containers home as a favor.

Paper Fan Turkey craft

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

A super adorable yet easy Thanksgiving kids craft, this toilet paper roll turkey craft is a great art project to do with your kids at home!

thanksgiving kids craft, turkey craft ideas


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