melted crayon suncatcher

How to make easy Handmade melted crayon DIY Suncatchers

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Step 1: Gather some of your crayons and peel them off.

Step 2: Sharpen your crayons using pencil sharpener and pile up the shavings.

Step 3: take your sheet of wax paper and start adding shredded crayon pieces on top of it.

Step 4: Here, we tried to make a flower.

Step 5: Now, cover with another sheet of wax paper.

Step 6: Set your iron on LOW and carefully run over the wax paper, the crayon pieces will start melting as you go. We put one sheet of paper towel on top of it.

Step7: Once it cools down, carefully takes off the wax paper from the top.

Step 9: Hang your beautiful Crayon art on the window.

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