Yes, You have motivation to get ahead and be fit. Yes, you have the desire to be fit but rising cost of gym and classes are crushing your dream to be awesome. Well, there are many FRUGAL ways which can help you to achieve your dream. Our suggestions are to use and see what helps and works for you.Take your own decision.

1. Check Out Free or Trial or Introductory Classes

A quick google will surely help. There are many trial or introductory classes. Sometimes, you can get free classes for two week. Do call them and show your interest to join it. Make sure you understand their terms. I generally got 1-2 weeks classes for free in every 1-2 month.

2. Go Outside and Exercise. Join Meetup group for free.

Going out with people are great. You can check out meetup groups( Common trail hiking, Running, Yoga or any other). Its great way to meet people and be fit with fun. For me, this really works.

3. Work out at home. Learn from YouTube

For some day, if you dont get any of your friend for any activity. Dont worry, Use YOUTUBE. You will find great resources. For example, if you like yoga then you can use the link below.(This is not a sponsored link, its just a suggestion)

4. USE FREE APPS to track the fitness

Here are some good app for tracking. The progress encourages for more workout.

Charity Miles: If you struggle to find the motivation for cardio, Charity Miles helps you to log miles for charities.

Nike Run Club: You will love this app.

PIIT Pocket: From yoga and pilates to HIIT, YouTube-famous Pilates instructor Cassey Ho developed this app to make it easy.

Keep Trainer: Long list of workouts.

5. Make your home gym for cheap

Buy it used and get it for cheap. There are tons of site where people are selling it for cheap. You can do many things at home. In long run, you will save a lot of money.


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