DIY Ideas To RECYCLE Plastic Bottles

Looking for some easy inexpensive craft ideas? We are sharing repurposed and recycle DIY projects made with plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are a kind of trash everybody claims to experience. But how cool it is to know that this recycle bin object can be upcycled in various crafty and useful ways!  With so many fabulous ways to RECYCLE Plastic Bottles DIY ideas, you’ll think twice before throwing them away again! The list of possibilities is endless!

There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids involved in and teach them about recycling and repurposing something as simple as a plastic bottle. These projects will also keep them busy with some fun projects. Check out our list of 10 creative projects to reuse and recycle empty plastic bottles and get to work.

Soda Bottle Animal Planters

These recycled plastic bottle planters are so adorable and can be self-watering planters. They are perfect for a cactus or succulent!

recycle plastic bottle to planter

Fairy House Night Lights

These fairy house night lights were really fun to make and so easy! A great way to turn some empty water bottles into something cute and useful. Use what you have and turn an old bottle into a fairy house! No need to spend tons of money.


How to Make a Bottle Boat: This simple step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make a sailboat from recycled household materials, and explains how to make it so that it floats on the water.

Plastic Bottle Bracelets

You can design your own bracelets using an empty plastic bottle and different colors of thread.



This is another fun use of an old plastic bottle, turn them into Fun Pencil Holders

Olaf Pencil Holder RECYCLE CRAFT

Make this Cute Olaf Pencil Holder – would also make a cute centerpiece for a frozen party

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder Apple Shaped

This bird feeder craft is so much fun and so easy to make and will keep kids busy on weekends or school breaks.

SHARK DIY Plastic Bottles Game

Such a clever and fun use of an old plastic bottle. The aim of the game is to put the fish into the shark’s mouth or to put the bee into the flower. A great summer craft project and game in one. 


THIS is such a cute idea, use the bottom of the water bottles to make a flower bouquet, so pretty.

Kids will love these Recycle plastic bottles DIY ideas to keep them busy and learn RECYCLING at the same time. Plastic bottle crafts are frugal and tons of fun for kids! Use what you have and turn an old bottle into fun projects! I love using what you have at home. No need to spend tons of money.

Have fun making these easy plastic bottle crafts Ideas!

Throwing away plastic bottles also hurts the environment. To solve these problems, recycle plastic bottles and convert them into other useful items in creative ways. these are great for the Earth Day project too.

If you are looking for craft ideas that use what you already have at home, try these RECYCLE CRAFT IDEAS FOR KIDS


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