Looking for a very easy way to make a bird bath? Birds need water to drink and bath to cool down. Learn how to make a simple bird bath, using some bowl, Glass gems & candle holder from the dollar tree. You can make your very own DIY birdbath out of some things you already have or can pick up inexpensively at any store that sells craft, outdoor, and home improvement supplies.

Attract birds to your backyard by offering food, water, and shelter. This DIY bird bath is simply an old plate and a bowl, a glass gem stones and some Gorilla Glue! This is a Great re-purposed bird bath!


  • Waterproof glue that bonds glass together (such as Gorilla glue,E-6000 epoxy glue) 
  • Glass gem stones 
  • Old dishes and vases/candleholder
  • Hot glue & glue sticks

Check out this easy tutorial for – How to make your very own bird bath .

Fill with water and let your birds enjoy the bathRemember to give your bird bath a hose out and refill regularly. A birdbath can make a nice addition to your garden or yard, especially if you enjoy welcoming and watching the birds.


Begin by gluing a dish to a candleholder/vase for the bottom tier using a waterproof glue. Allow to dry for about 24 hours. Then turn the bowl upside down and  glue glass gem stone at the bottom of the container.


Take your bigger plate, decorate it with glass gems as well ,we just covered outer edge and Then glue the units together to complete your finished birdbath.

*Clean your bird bath every few days.


You can create endless unique designs from your old dishes, vases and dollar tree finds. When you see a pretty dish or vase that is not costly, grab it and save it for this project or another one!


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