8 Cheap, Easy and Eye-catching bead Sun catchers.Even kids can make it.A perfect gift to loved ones.

We are listing down 8 ways of making beautiful sun catchers. All are equally good.

Number 8:

A great melted bead sun catcher from artful parents. (Credit: Artfulparent.com). Check out the instruction in the link below.

Number 7:

A beautiful DIY melted bead sun catcher.(Credit: feelslikehomeblog.com)


Number 6:

Easy and eye catching DIY from Brightkidfun.com.


Number 5:

Such a beautiful melted bead sun catcher (CREDIT: Whereimagination grows.com)

Number 4:

Another great pony beads based sun catchers(Credit: Kids Activity blog)

Number 3

Another one in our list(Credit: One little Project)

Number 2

Check out the BBQ beads. It looks awesome.(Credit : Club chica circle)

Number 1:

Easiest every melted pony bead. its beautiful and easy.


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