30 Best Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Tree

If you want an easy way to save money shopping, buy at Dollar Tree. You will find some great deals at the dollar store. “Everything costs a $1” so everything in the store is reasonable! It’s much more economical than purchasing it elsewhere! but if you’re not careful you could actually end up spending more per unit on certain items. 

If you’re ready to buy something for a dollar, check out this list of you should definitely Buy From DOLLAR TREE!

DISPOSABLE BAKING PANS: BUY YOUR DISPOSABLE BAKING PANS AT THE DOLLAR TREE. Taking food for a potluck or to someone’s house? Buy your foil pans at the dollar store to save money and eliminate the need for returning containers.

PARTY SUPPLIES: Balloons, Seasonal and Theme party decorations, party plates, and cups, Cake candles, Party favor, and games. For kids, they have themed birthday supplies. They also have party supplies in just about every color

Gift Wrap, Bags & Accessories: Dollar Tree has the best gift bags and cards for any and every occasion. You name it they have it! YOU CAN Save big on gift bags and wrapping paper All for $1 wrapping supplies. Dollar store carries a wide selection of colors and prints along with bows, ribbons, gift boxes & bags, and more.

CRAFT SUPPLIES: They have stickers and foam stickers, popsicle sticks, and wiggly eyes – all great for crafts with the kids, all for a good deal. Here are some craft supplies you should buy at the Dollar Tree.

  • Liquid glue and glue sticks
  • Pompom balls, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, and googly eyes
  • Stickers and washi tape
  • Paint, paintbrushes, canvas, crayons, markers and colored pencils
  • Ribbon and twine
  • Gemstones These gem rocks are the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere else. They are fun for projects with the kids, to put in centerpieces and candle vase.
  • Pebbles, Jewels, and Beads
  • Holiday Craft Supplies: you can get creative and crafty with your holiday decorations, holiday gift (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and more.)

GREETING CARDS: You don’t need to spend $4-5 on greeting cards when dollar stores typically have a wide selection available 2 for $1 and some for $1. Save yourself some money, don’t buy greeting cards anywhere else!

GLASS VASES: There are tons of shapes and sizes of vases, mason jars, candle holders. And it’s all a dollar. Most Dollar Trees have vases and other glassware that you can decorate your home with. Grab some paint from the paint sections and paint your decor to match the seasons. CHECK OUT STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL FOR making EYECATCHING VASE USING DOLLAR STORE VASE OR RECYCLE GLASS VASE

FOAMBOARD: If you have school-age kids then you know how expensive they are. That’s why it’s so great to purchase it at Dollar Tree.  You will pay at least three times more at another store.  Binders (name brand), posterboard, trifold boards for science fair projects and notecards are just a few great buys.

WREATH FRAME: Dollar Tree sells both wire wreath form and foam and natural wreath forms in various sizes,

KITCHEN SUPPLIES: Dollar store has Cute plates, cups, serving dishes, and bake wear (ceramic, metal, and plastic)They are actually pretty durable and not as thin as you would think.

  • Baking pan, muffin pans
  • Kitchen utensils – Check the quality before you buy.
  • Storage containers: Store flour, sugar, rice, cookies, candy, and more in stylish and tight-sealing glass containers. $1 storage containers are an excellent way to visibly store food and goodies.
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Aluminum foil and foil trays
  • Spices and seasonings (Check the expiry date)

KITCHEN LINEN: They have a collection of tablecloths, runners, placemats, kitchen towels, and much more in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and patterns designed to go well with any décor style. All items are only $1, so you can decorate your space without emptying your wallet.

STORAGE BINS: Storage bins, Mason jars, and other items are a great idea to get things organized. You will love how much better your home looks. You can Use little buckets to make a hanging storage idea for pens, markers and other art supplies.

HOLIDAY DECOR: Dollar tree has the best gift bags and cards for any and every occasion. You name it they have it! One of my favorite things to buy at the Dollar Tree is holiday décor. Their holiday décor always sells out fast so you have to be ready. Shop early to get the best selection.

CLEANING SUPPLIES: Dollar Tree should be your go-to place for dish soap, bathroom cleaning supplies, and even bleach. they carry name brand items! Clorox, Lysol, Palmolive, Ajax other brands are available. Cleaning supplies can be a good deal but make sure it is a full-size product.

PICTURE FRAMES: Dollar Tree carry all standard frame sizes for just $1 each. These picture frames are usually cheap quality but can use these for making lanterns and other craft displays.

COLORING & PUZZLE BOOKS: coloring books, crossword puzzles, and more for just $1. They have quite a range of coloring books, such as animals and different cartoon characters.

TOOTHBRUSH & TOOTHPASTE: Dollar Tree does carry Crest and Colgate two popular kinds of toothpaste & Toothbrushes.

PAPER TOWEL & OTHER ACCESSORIES: Dollar tree carries amazing values on paper towel/toilet paper packs. Plus, each pack is only $1 each so you save a ton when stocking up.

ARTIFICIAL FLOWER: These may not be the most realistic looking flowers, but they work well for making wreath or centerpiece. Grab a few each season to update your home décor!

You can also shop online at Dollar Tree. It’s fast, convenient and you get the same awesome products as you would in the store. It cost $4.95 Ship to your home or You can ship it to your local store with FREE shipping.

 All sales are final at Dollar Tree- no returns.  Dollar Tree won’t refund your money — they do exchange the items.

CHECK OUT THESE 10 CHEAP DOLLAR STORE HOME DECOR IDEAS. If you are looking for cheap and creative ideas to make your home more beautiful, Check out these IDEAS #dollarstorediy


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