100+ Frugal Living tips from Grandma

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Grandma always had a special way of raising kids. Some still apply. They went through many hard times like the depression and WWII that forced them to use what they had, which normally wasn’t much. I truly appreciate their strength and wisdom. We, the young generation, surely should employ some of the frugalness. So, here I’m sharing 20 Old-Fashioned Frugal Tips from Grandma in hopes that we can learn what it means to use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!. These are top frugal living tips. You can call her frugal or thrifty or minimalist but grandma always rocks!

Check it out top 20 from our listing.

  1. Grow Your OWN: Use your farm (now your backyard) and grow the vegetables, you like. Kids learn and contribute. Its full family fun and they love to see growing plants. Its ORGANIC Too.

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2. USE EVERYTHING. FIND the best usage. Grandma always found the use of everything.

3. USE REUSABLES: Use reusable stuff to save money. Disposable products are bad for your budget. SAVE old containers for reuse. Grandma used to make suncatchers from the reusable beads. Check out how we made our suncatcher using grandma tip.

4.Cook More Often: Make your family food. Going outside a lot hurts your pocket.


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