Upcycle clothings ideas for Kid’s ruined cloths. FRUGAL DIY Tricks to use it.

frugal use of cloths
frugal use of cloths

Its always been a challenge to utilize the old cloths and upcycle it. We normally throw it and don’t realize that it’s still useful. Check it out a few tricks below to make it more useful.

  1. Make a Rag Rug or Just a Dust RAG

You can simply make a dust ragout of it and use it for the cleaning.

2. Make Beautiful Rug rag that has actually been built out of old cotton t-shirts braided together in a unique fashion. Check out DIY Details: craft.ideas2live4

3. It will be fun for your pet. Make Pet’s chewable toy.

3. Give the kids scissors and have a fun game.

4. Make a cloth for a teddy bear or dolls. outgrown clothes into baby doll clothes

5. Use them as a paper towel.

8.Upcycle the cloths for the crafts. See how we made the penguins from old socks.

8 H and M takes clothes donation for a 10 percent off discount

Image result for H & M

9. Make a no-sew bags out of old t-shirts (great for replacing disposable produce bags at the store)

10. Cut straight across the sleeves to create hair ties. Make Hairbow or hair ties.

Some tape, scissors, and a little glue are all it takes to transform an old t-shirt into a gorgeous headband following a super easy technique explained with pictorials in the below guide ehow

11. Make a cover for your Jam Jar Topper. Cloth jam jar covers add a finishing touch to mason jars. Fabric mason jar covers are perfect for home-canned gift jars to share with friends & family!

12.  Make a quilt out of kids’ old t-shirts that have sentimental value.

Other Ideas:

.Cut them in strips of material and make a colorful braided rug.

.If the pattern is nice, cut up and use for homemade holiday wreaths. 

. Shirts and pants make cute bean bags, and rice bags, microwave them and they’re a great muscle relaxer.

. Upcycle them to make new clothes! YouTube has amazing ideas!

Do you have any other ideas? Please share.


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