Tissue paper Suncatcher is a simple and fun craft for kids. We are making some beautiful and creative suncatchers to decorate your window. So, Brighten up your windows with these colorful, easy-to-make Tissue paper suncatchers.  With this beautiful  Suncatcher Craft, you can see some lovely flowers from your window any time!

Tissue paper suncatcher

You and the kids can easily make a bunch of these in a short amount of time. Get a bunch of extra tissue paper that you have leftover and make beautiful butterflies and tulips that you can stick on your windows. They’re so beautiful and colorful that you won’t be able to resist making a bunch of them and welcome the warm weather of spring and summer. kids will need adult help to cut the frames.

Cutting and gluing projects are great activities for kids to help develop fine motor skills. So, if you are in search of an easy and fun spring craft, look no further.

You can read the step-by-step instructions or watch the video tutorial to learn how we made these cute crafts.

And don’t forget that you can download our suncatcher templates at the end of this post.

Let’s Start


These suncatchers only require a few materials that you might already have on hand. To make it super easy, we’ve provided these butterfly and tulip templates. GRAB YOUR PRINTABLE TEMPLATES HERE.

  • Black Construction Paper
  • Colored Tissue paper
  • Pencil, scissors, glue, and Craft knife
  • Printable Templates (optional)


Step 1
Draw and cut a butterfly shape on a black sheet of paper or you can print out a template. Draw shapes onto the wings of the butterfly. Then using scissors, or a craft knife cut out the shapes. Kids will need adult help in this step. Kids can make the holes in the wings using craft punches.

Now, this step is optional, if you want your butterfly to look the same on the front and back you need to cut out two similar pieces.

For Printable, first, print out the templates on white card stock paper and cut them out. For thicker lines, we traced the templates onto the black construction paper and then cut these out. you will need 2 identical outlines for each suncatcher.

Step 2
Get your tissue paper and tear them into strips. You can choose any colors you want.

Step 3
Grab your glue-stick and apply some glue to the wing of the butterfly and then stick the strips across the wing. Don’t worry if the tissue paper goes outside of the outline, this will get trimmed off later. Make sure you lift the butterfly up in between, just to make sure it isn’t stuck to your work surface.

Step 4
Turn your butterfly over and trim the extra tissue paper strips. Using a glue stick, glue the second outline cutout on top of the tissue paper.

Step 5
Stick your butterfly suncatchers onto a window where they will catch the sun and enjoy the beautiful colors as the sun shines through the tissue paper.

Trim the extra paper strips
Beautiful butterfly suncatcher is ready!

Our Butterfly suncatchers turned out so beautiful so we decided to make some pretty flowers too by following the same steps. We love Suncatchers and these tissue paper Tulip suncatchers are no exception.

To make the frame for a tulip suncatcher, you can download a template here or you can draw a tulip shape on a black sheet of paper. Then using scissors or a craft knife cut out the shapes. Most kids will probably need some help with this step.

The suncatchers look great in the window and they look pretty good from the outside, too.

Here are some other Tissue Paper sun catchers which we’ve made before.



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