How to make cute Paper fans~ DIY Easy B’day Party Decoration Ideas

Paper fans are a beautiful way to decorate your party. These colorful circles are fun & easy way to add a pop of color to any room! Kids will love making them and hang around the house for a party or a holiday celebration to give a room some fun bursts of color. My daughter and I came up with this cute idea of decorating it for her Bday. So You need to have the following for making cute paper fan Craft paper/scrapbook paper 12*12inch paper 8.5*11 inch Hot glue gun Scissors String INSTRUCTION For making Large Paper fan you will need 2 square 12*12 sheets of paper. Make the first fold on a sheet by folding over 1/2 inch of paper and creasing. Turn the sheet of paper over and make another fold. Keep flipping over and folding, stop when you get to the end. You are creating…

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