In today’s craft, we try to bring a little bit of the fall foliage to our home through these art projects. This beautiful fall tree papercraft is the perfect way to start off the fall season. Here, we are sharing two ways to create FALL TREE. This easy fall tree crafts for kids can be adapted to suit different ages and it a great way for kids to explore the beautiful fall colours. FALL TREE CRAFT PROJECT (Using Tissue paper) Decorate the tree with vibrant leaves made of crumpled tissue paper. This is really easy to make and is a nice way for kids to make an easy autumn craft without having to use paints.  MATERIALS: Construction paper( blue, green, brown) Tissue paper(Red,orange,yellow,green) Pencil, Scissors, glue DIRECTIONS: 1. Make a tree trunk from the brown paper. just cut a tree trunk and branches shape from the brown paper. 2. Glue the tree trunk to the…

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