https://youtu.be/FpESSO2ajVc  Create a crayon Fall Tree art with your child with this easy kids’ craft activity. This project is fabulous for kids who love to draw and get messy while having fun. So get your spare crayons out and get going! Looking For Free Kids Activities? Learn how to turn ordinary crayon shavings into colorful FALL TREE art. Make fall more fun for everyone with these easy DIY fall crafts for kids. Supplies Needed: Crayons, Pencil Sharpener, black marker, canvas pad or any white construction paper, and wax paper and an iron STEPS TO MAKE A COLORFUL FALL TREE USING CRAYON SHAVINGS: Start with drawing an image of tree and branches, color the tree using a black marker. Grab some of your fall colored crayons, peel the cover off, sharpen them and pile up the shavings. Using the sharpener, shave down unwrapped Crayola crayons to create crayon shavings in the desired colors to create…

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