Looking for a fun craft to do with kids, then we have you covered with this fun Rainbow Popsicle stick bird feeder. This fun and colorful Popsicle stick bird feeder are really easy to make and add a great pop of color to your yard.

Supplies You Will Need:

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*You can use plain popsicle sticks and paint them, or buy colored ones.

Steps to Make A Bird Feeder

Start Making the base for bird feeder: Gather your supplies, you will need 10 craft sticks, Line up your 10 craft sticks next to each other. This forms the bottom of the bird feeder.

Glue two sticks across the base sticks towards the ends of each side of the sticks. This will be what holds your base together.

Follow this pattern to create two more sets for making the roof of the feeder.

 Building the Walls of the Bird Feeder:

Take a few craft sticks, start gluing in the opposite direction.

Continue adding craft sticks in an alternating manner using hot glue at corners. Layer them up as high as you want them to go. The taller you make the wall, the deeper the feeder will be.

Now, add 4 craft sticks on each side.

This is going to hold the roof of the bird feeder

Making the roof for the bird feeder: Take the other 2 sets and attach them together using tape.

Glue this roof on top of 4 craft sticks.

Add 1-2 craft sticks to the top of the roof to seal off the gap.

For making Perch: Use hot glue and slide 1-2 sticks through between the craft stick (sidewall) of the feeder.

Take some twine and run through the roof and tie it at the top to make a hanging loop for the bird feeder.

Add bird seeds inside the bird feeder: Your bird feeder is now ready to fill up with seeds and hang up somewhere to enjoy!

They look really great hanging out in the garden and your feathered friends will really enjoy it.

If you like to watch the instruction in the video, Check out the link below. Please Like and Subscribe to our channel for getting updates. My daughter and I are trying to put our best effort to have clear instruction. 


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