How to Make Recycled CD Suncatchers

cd suncatcher old recycle Cd's

Make your own Suncatchers using acrylic paint or glass paint on a CD can even turn it into a Beautiful suncatcher by adding some string and beads.

Materials You will need:

  • Old CD’s
  • Duct tape
  • Scissor/craft Knife
  • Acrylic paint or Glass paint would be the best & paintbrush

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Steps to make your own CD Suncatcher

Take your Cd & make a tiny scratch on the surface.  This will help the tape pull off the covering.

Now stick a small piece of tape onto the CD, then pull back to peel off the silver covering.

Repeat above step until it is completely transparent.

 Find a design you’d like to use and print it out,You can either trace a design onto the CD by placing an image or any pattern under the CD or make your own and draw it onto the CD. We used black sharpie to make a design.

Paint the design using glass paint or you can use permanent markers/ acrylic paint to color in the design.

Once the outline dries, paint in the design with glass paint one color at a time. 

These are pictures of what the SunCatchers look like with paint. Allow your suncatcher to dry completely, then tie a string through the hole in the CD so it can be displayed.

We used Yarn and beads to decorate our beautiful CD suncatchers.

Make your own CD Suncatcher that will catch and reflect the sunlight as the suncatcher hangs in the window or on the porch.


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