How To Make Handmade Melted Plastic Beads Suncatcher

Learn How To Make Handmade Melted Beads Suncatchers. These bright and cheerful melted bead suncatchers are so easy even preschoolers can make it with adult supervision. Yes, Adult supervision is required. On the perfect sunlight, the passing rays look like a rainbow and it’s so so beautiful. This is such a fun craft to do with kids & makes great decorations and gifts too.

Looking for a fun summer activity to do with the kids? Try this Melted Beads Suncatcher. It is a super simple and FUN craft.

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Youtube Video

If you like to watch the instruction in the video, Check out the link below. Like and Subscribe to our channel for getting updates. My daughter and I are trying to put our best effort to have clear instruction. We also have the entire process below.


The time needed:– 30-40 minutes

So, My daughter and I decided to do DIY suncatcher this week and here is the list of steps.

Supplies you will need:

  1. Translucent Pony Beads.

2. Baking Dish –> We got it from Dollar Store.

3. You need Grill Oven and String

4. Make Your Design- With Bigger Container


Arrange the beads in the pan so that they are flat on their side. We made a rainbow pattern for one suncatcher, and then just added the beads randomly for the other. Try to avoid any space between the beads, the less gap you have, the less likely you will get any holes in your suncatcher. There are so many possibilities! Choose something which you like. Here is what my daughter and I did.

Make Your Design – With Small Containers, We’ve used dollar tree muffin pan to make small size suncatchers, we just filled with random color beads.

Like above, just use the smaller container to put the beads.. Time to Melt– Be Careful and it requires adult supervision

Now, this will be the most interesting time and its tough to hold kids waiting :). Time to melt the beads to make beautiful handmade suncatcher- DIY. You can use an outdoor grill or oven.

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F and bake it for 20-25 minutes. Once the beads are arranged, place the pan on the rack of your preheated oven or grill outside. It will be ready once all the beads have melted, but you don’t want to let it sit too long.

(Important Note: Melting plastic is not good to breathe. Try using an outdoor grill.) If you are planning to melt plastic beads in your oven make sure that there is proper ventilation by opening windows.

melting beads in oven

Get your beautiful Suncatcher out. When all the beads have melted, remove it from the heat and allow to cool completely.
Be careful and take help from an adult. Your Suncatcher is almost ready. It’s very easy to take it out of the container.

Now, Hang your Plastic Beads Suncatcher outdoor or indoor windows, it looks amazing when the light bounce on it. We loved our DIY Suncatcher and we will be making more.  We let these suncatchers hang out on the front porch to catch the morning sunlight.

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DIY Handmade Melted Plastic Beads Suncatchers look beautiful, isn’t it?

handmade Melted plastic beads suncatchers

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  • Absolutely loved it. Thank You.

  • I love how you have them all strung together, can you please explain how you did that or show some close up pictures? It’s hard to figure it out from the picture posted.

  • Betsy Swiss
    May 26, 2020 at 4:43 pm  -  Reply

    We used hot glue to attach the string in each suncatcher, it was the easiest way and It’s still hanging well, Another way to use a glass bead in between your design that will leave a hole or you can use a drill as well. 

  • My grandkids enjoyed doing. A bit frustrating for perfectionist and younger children. If I would have started with a skewer as video showed it might have been easier. Not sure why ours took so long. I had to keep raising the temperature, last was 425 degrees. I think it might have been about a hour. I lost track. I didn’t want to use a drill so I used Cheerios. They end up burning and left a bigger hole than I would prefer. I think next time I might wad up a piece a paper or stand a nail or screw on head or a Bebe. I’m glad we did this though. I’m thinking about having kids string some beads and hang from each other.
    I believe they will be quite attractive. Can’t wait to finish project, and hang on patio.

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