Tissue Suncatcher


Learn how to make tissue paper suncatchers with your kids. It’s a simple kids craft that only requires a few materials and it looks bright and colorful on the window.

If you like to watch the instruction in the video, Check out the link below. Please Like and Subscribe to our channel for getting updates. My daughter and I are trying to put our best effort to have clear instruction. This is how we made tissue suncatcher. We also have the entire process below.


  • Tissue Paper( colored) – I went to Dollar Tree – one of my favorite stores for crafts, holidays, and other $1 treasures and stocked up on some cool tissue paper.
  • Modpodge and brush
  • Wax paper
  • popsicle sticks (Optional) and string
  • Scissors

Please note that these suncatchers are only for indoor use. Have fun making your very own suncatchers and try any pattern design you want!

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Cut out Tissue paper in small pieces, any shape is fine.

Take a piece of Wax paper and start applying a thin layer of mod podge onto the wax paper. Use a foam brush to apply mod podge.

Now add pieces of Tissue paper on top of it. Its time to get creative.

Keep adding pieces so that there are a few gaps as possible.

Apply another layer of mod podge over the pieces.

Let your project dry for some time. Once it dries, cut out in the shape you want to make.

We also used confetti to make our suncatcher.

We made a frame around our suncatcher with popsicle sticks, by simply gluing them onto the wax paper.

tissue paper suncatcher

Then, add some string or yarn whatever available at home for hanging your beautiful suncatcher.

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Once you are done decorating, simply hang them to your windows. Beautiful Suncatchers are ready to brighten your room. Kids just love making suncatchers! There’s just something super exciting about seeing your completed artwork up in the window letting all the sunlight shine through. 

Have fun making these easy TISSUE PAPER SUNCATCHERS!

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