Halloween is quickly approaching. It’s such a fun time of the year. Kids are excited about costumes and trick-or-treat. DIY Halloween crafts for kids are a simple and fun way to get your kids excited and involved in Halloween party planning. Kids can help with these easy DIY Halloween crafts that’ll make your house ready for the holiday.

Kids of all ages love Halloween for so many reasonsGet the kids in on the Halloween DIY fun! Find 10 FUN & simple Halloween-themed craft ideas.

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Making Paper cup Light up Ghosts using Foam cups- an easy Halloween craft for kids. They make adorable DIY Halloween decorations. Perfect for toddlers and older kids.

Supplies You will need- White foam cups, Black marker, String light/ tealights.

Let’s start making cute faces on your cups, once you are done make a hole in the bottom and push these string light bulbs in each cup. IT will form as a garland and hang it for your CUTE HALLOWEEN DECOR.


Save your old “tin can”, that you were going to throw away and you get to upcycle it into a fun tin can craft.

Materials: Tin can, permanent marker, googly eyes, 2 screws, (found at most craft stores), black felt/foam paper, green paint & paintbrush


Halloween rock painting ideas to help get you inspired to create your very own Halloween painted rocks. If you’re new to rock painting, see below for the best rock painting supplies.

Rocks – Kids of all ages love painting rocks with their favorite emblems, patterns & prints.

Paint Pens – These are a must to make rock painting easy.

Acrylic paint- Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Use

This was actually a really fun and simple project. The base paint needed a couple of coats to cover the rocks and then the rest was easy. you can scatter them outside on the front porch and garden.

Paper Pumpkins: These paper pumpkins may look fancy, but they are so much fun to make. It’s a fun Fall craft you can do with your kids. You can try it with different colored papers in different patterns as well. 

Tea Light Pumpkins: Tea Light Pumpkins are little orange flameless tea lights that stand up and smile! Turn on the candle and the flame becomes the glowing pumpkin nose. They are ADORABLE and so fun to make! These little pumpkins are easy enough for kids to make, yet, pretty enough to pass out as Halloween gifts. 

Paper Bag Monster Puppets: A perfect option for the youngest children in your family, these comical paper puppets will have them laughing for days

HANGING BAT: Hanging Bat Project using cardboard tube rolls. These adorable bats are a great way for kids to help decorate for fall or Halloween.

 Paint your cardboard tube roll either black or brown (depending on the color bat you’d like to make) and let the paint dry, draw some bat wings onto a cardstock paper and cut them out. Glue it on the back of the tube. Use a marker to draw a mouth or you can cut out shapes and glue it.


 A Fun Treat for your Trick or Treaters. These little guys really don’t need much instruction. Simply use a coffee filter or tissue and then wrap your pops! Tie a cute little ribbon or a piece of yarn to secure it, make eyes using a marker or add some wiggly eyes and you’re good to go! Enjoy.


These mason jar glowing jack-o-lanterns would be a fun craft to do with kids, and they would also make for great little Halloween party favor containers if you filled them with candy.


These paper plate ghosts are easy to make with your kids and are a quick craft for Halloween. You just need to glue the streamers and some arms onto the back of a paper plate, add a face.  For the younger kids, you can cut out the eyes and mouth from black cardstock and just have them glue them on.  Older kids can cut out or draw on their own faces.  You can also do a face on both the front and back of your ghost depending on where you are going to be hanging it.

Using a pencil, draw eyes and a mouth onto one of the plates and color it with the black marker. Make hands onto a white construction paper cut it out and glue to the back of the plate. Attach the strips of tissue paper to the back of the ghost plate, so that they hang down from the bottom.


CRAFT STICK SPIDERWEBS-These craft stick spiderwebs are easy to make and really inexpensive!  Kids are always proud of their handwork, and you can hang them up, or place them in vignettes for easy decor.

Craft Stick Spider Craft

Egg Carton Spider Craft

Cardboard Tube Spider

Halloween Pine Cone Spider


Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

Paper Plate Bat Craft

Spoon Bats Craft

Tin Can Bat Craft For Kids

BAT PAPERCRAFT FOR HALLOWEEN: Use shapes to create this cute paper craft for Halloween. Fun preschool Halloween craft, Halloween paper crafts for kids.

HALLOWEEN BALLOONS: Balloons add a festive touch to any party, but creating ghost and pumpkin balloons can really add to the spooky ambiance.

HALLOWEEN MASK: These Halloween masks will have you, and your kids, covered this Halloween. All you have to do is find a simple outfit for everyone to wear with these DIY masks and your costume is set.

How To Make A Paper Lion Easy –  A fun and engaging lion craft that kids will love!  This craft will make kids ROOAArrr!  You can cut out eyes and turn it into a mask, perfect for Halloween dress up or any safari theme playdates.

These super simple DIY Halloween masks are a great project to work on with your kids.


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