Gemstone Suncatcher

Here is how we made an eye-catching Glass Gem Suncatcher

Glass Gem stone Suncatcher may be one of the easiest and quickest projects ever. For this you will need Some glass gems, we bought ours from Dollar tree and Glue

STEPS TO MAKE GLASS GEM SUNCATCHER: First, you squeeze a ton of glue into the lid. Make sure it coats the entire bottom nicely. 

Then you arrange the gems. I arranged mine in a pattern. Now, wait 2-3 days for it to totally dry. Then peel off the lid and flip it to the other side and let the glue dry for some time. 

Attach a string, and that’s it, you’re done. 

Such a cute, easy and cheap idea for teacher’s gifts or just for your own house!  And it’s fun for all ages.  

Glass gem stone suncatcher

If you like to watch the instruction in the video, Check out the link below. Please Like and Subscribe to our channel for getting updates. My daughter and I are trying to put our best effort to have clear instruction. This is how we made tissue suncatcher. We also have the entire process below.

Supplies For this Craft:

  • Plastic Yogurt container lid
  • Glass gemstones
  • Clear Elmer Glue
  • String or Thread

Steps To Make Your own Glass gemstone Suncatcher

Continue adding the gems until it covers the whole surface.

Allow the glue to dry for 3-4 days.

Peel it out from the container lid.

Dollar tree Glass gemstone Diy

Hang your new Glass Gem stone suncatcher on a window to let the sunshine through it.


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