Frugal Hobbies to Save and Make Money

Every day people search for ways to make money, yet they are unaware, or unsure how to make money with the hobbies they already do.

  • Spin and knit for someone with alpaca. and llama
  • Sewing can be money smart.
  • Grow herb ($4 or so, and get fresh herb when ever I want almost year long). Have a pot of aloe vera ,it multiplies like crazy.Sell or give away the small ones and make money.
  • Taking care of pets yours and others as well for a small fees.
  • Making Videos for youtube or Blog. Good way to make money.
  • Love to do Drive? You can do Door dash.
  • Craft. Soap making, candle making, succulents, diy cosmetics. Eventually make money from it.


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