In today’s craft, we try to bring a little bit of the fall foliage to our home through these art projects. This beautiful fall tree papercraft is the perfect way to start off the fall season.

Here, we are sharing two ways to create FALL TREE. This easy fall tree crafts for kids can be adapted to suit different ages and it a great way for kids to explore the beautiful fall colours.

FALL TREE CRAFT PROJECT (Using Tissue paper) Decorate the tree with vibrant leaves made of crumpled tissue paper. This is really easy to make and is a nice way for kids to make an easy autumn craft without having to use paints. 

fall tree craft using tissue paper


  • Construction paper( blue, green, brown)
  • Tissue paper(Red,orange,yellow,green)
  • Pencil, Scissors, glue


1. Make a tree trunk from the brown paper. just cut a tree trunk and branches shape from the brown paper.

2. Glue the tree trunk to the background paper.

3.  Tear small pieces of tissue paper, crumple the pieces, and glue to the branches to make leaves. Kids love tearing paper, and it helps them develop their fine motor skillswhich leads to good pencil grasp and handwriting.

4. Fill up the branches and you can also add some falling leaves on the ground.

We also used green construction paper for making land(grass)

FALL TREE CRAFT PROJECT (Using Acrylic paint & bubble wrap) Just grab some paint and bubble wrap & create this Bubble Wrap Print – Autumn Tree today!

fall tree craft using acrylic paint and bubble wrap


  • One white construction paper/ canvas paper

  • Acrylic paint
  • Bubble wrap


1. Draw the tree template on some simple white cardstock.

2. Next place some orange, red and yellow paint on a paper plate.
 3. Have children use the bubble wrap as their paint brush and paint some “leaves” all over the tree. Just stamp, lift up and repeat.
4. When ready, set your Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree aside, to let it dry completely before displaying!


This will inspire your little learners to create a fall masterpiece, even if they can’t see fall foliage where they live. Hope you enjoy this craft idea!


Learn how to turn ordinary crayon shavings into colorful FALL TREE art. Make fall more fun for everyone with these easy DIY fall crafts for kids.


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