Dollar Tree Fairy Garden

 Dollar tree fairy garden, Fairy garden ideas

 Create your own magical place where fairies can come and bring good luck to your home. Fairy gardens are miniature gardens filled with magic, little plant and flowers, tiny houses, and figurines to create a magical place where fairies can come and bring good luck and blessings to your home.

One of the wonderful things about fairy gardens is that you can start small and build up over time. Arranging and building and adding new fairy garden figurines, and making your Fairy garden to look just right.

Miniature gardens also make a lovely addition to any porch, patio, backyard, or garden space. It can be used to gift someone and can be decorative as a centerpiece.

There are many DIY fairy garden supplies to choose from. We bought ours from DOLLAR Tree GARDEN supplies. We used all artificial Supplies for our Fairy Garden. Even the least crafty of us can put together a magical fairy garden that will entertain the kids for hours.

This is My Daughter’s First Try for making Fairy Garden which turned out really cute. I made a small video process of putting together this simple fairy garden. Still need to add some more fairy figurines and some colored rocks and some plants. Can’t wait to do more this year. Please check out this video.


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