Coffee filter Suncatcher

Summer is a great time to make Suncatchers. To bring some color and brightness on the window we grabbed some coffee filters and started creating…these suncatchers are so easy you could make a whole bunch. So today we are having fun with paints, creating a few swirly rainbows, smiley Sun and some fruit design Suncatchers on windows to catch the sun rays! 

The best part about coffee filter crafts is that you don’t need many things to make them. You probably already have most of the necessary supplies around the house.

Supplies You will need:

  • Coffee Filter
  • Waterbased Markers or watercolor
  • We will also need something to add water drops like an eyedropper/spray
  • cup of water
  • Paper towel/newspaper to dry

This is one of those craft projects where you can make do with what you have! These are very fun for kids and adults too.

Steps To Make Coffee Filter Suncatcher

  • Grab some of your coffee filters and water-based markers. We are using Mr. Sketch Scented water-based marker, kids love using this scented smell. It’s amazing how fascinating these markers are for kids!
  • First, place a sheet of paper towel below your coffee filter. Flatten out the coffee filter. We are making a watermelon Suncatcher.
  • Fold your coffee filter in half and make another fold, use your red marker and start coloring slowly. The coffee filter is very thin, so it will bleed through the bottom, that is why we are using a sheet of paper towel.
  • Now take your green marker, leave some white space and color only at the edge of the coffee filter.
  • We used an eyedropper/medicine dropper to squirt the water onto the coffee filters until the coffee filter is completely wet. If you don’t have eye droppers available to you, you could try using any spray bottle.
  • Gently open your coffee filter and place it on another sheet of paper towel and let it dry completely.

When everything is dry, after an hour or two, you need to draw some seeds using a black marker. Your suncatcher is ready. You can leave it in its fun circle shape or cut it in the triangle.

They were just perfect for displaying on the window.

We loved our suncatcher so much that we decided to create more designs. I’ m adding some of the other suncatcher pictures we’ve made.

Some tye dye color design on the coffee filter

We also made a few cute smiling Sun.

This simple coffee filter suncatcher is perfect for summer or spring. Kids of all ages will have fun making this colorful suncatcher craft to hang in the window.


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