POMPOM CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS: Here’s another great and easy Christmas ornament idea your kids would love to take part in this year! This cute ornament is an easy one to make also it turns out so pretty and looks great hanging on your tree. A fun Christmas craft to try this year. 

FOR THIS CRAFT MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED, Popsicle sticks, Glitter Pom poms ( if you like sparkly shiny stuff), Star shape sticker, Piece of cardboard, some string and hot glue.

Cut a triangle piece out from cardboard and stick it on a popsicle stick.

 Cover the triangle paper with pom-poms. you can hot glue the pom-poms directly in the shape of a triangular tree

Glue the star on the top of the tree. Or you can cut out a star shape from cardboard and color it with golden paint. Lastly, attach a ribbon on the back to hang the ornament.