How to make a beautiful Pencil Holder from Recycled stuff

Looking for little help to keep all your pens, markers and pencils organized? This Easy DIY Pencil Holder is a great project to make with recycled empty paper tubes.

Kids love to make stuff from recycled items. This project is very easy to complete and requires no special skills.
I love making stuff out of things we normally throw away, great for all kinds of projects and this Easy DIY Pencil Holder is just another proof. And it’s also a great opportunity to make something fun with kids! So, my daughter and I decided to make a cool pencil holder from the home stuff.

We used the following things:

  1. Empty toilet paper roll
  2. Yellow Acrylic Paint and paint brush
  3. Black Marker
  4. Hot Glue and glue sticks
  5. Base (top of the shoebox or any coaster)

Have A top of the shoebox or any old coaster as the base.

Have a base ready

Gather all your Supplies. Tube Rolls can be cut to shorter lengths to accommodate crayons, color pencils, other stuff.

Paint empty rolls with yellow color and let it dry.

Then, lay the whole row on its side so that it dries flat and straight. if you don’t want to paint yellow you can wrap a yellow (or any other color) paper around empty toilet paper roll.

Now, Draw some emojis face on it.

Once you are done decorating your Tube rolls, Glue them together standing up so that the bottoms are flat on a flat surface.

Glue on additional rows one or two at a time. At each point that one roll contacts another roll or the base, use lots of glue. It will dry clear. Allow the glue to dry completely each time.

You also do not have to worry about a perfect job, the pencils will cover the inside of the tube anyway. So this becomes cool pencil holders. Let’s add pencils and voila! Kids are going to love it and use it on the study desk.

Altogether this was done under two hours. It’s a great project to complete with kids and I can see myself doing something similar for makeup brushes, and other like items.

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