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Backyard Camping Ideas

Backyard camping is a fun and simple way to have fun as a family this summer! Fun backyard camping activities to try at home with kids!

Backyard camping doesn’t really require any planning, If you don’t have a backyard you can still camp in your living room.

Set up a tent or fort outside or indoors and if you have a lantern use that for your lighting. We hung some string lights up in our tent for light. if you don’t have a tent, make a homemade tent with some sheets and sticks set it up. 

Pack some snacks to eat outside or in the tent. Get the camping chairs set-up around a fire pit. Mosquito Repellent IS MUST. Here are some fun ways to set up and enjoy a backyard camping trip with the kids.


CAMPFIRE: the most fun part about camping is having a campfire. Set up camping chairs around the fire and get cozy. You could cook your dinner over the fire or roast marshmallows for smores or cook some corn.

PLAY MUSIC: if someone in your family plays guitar or any instrument make sure to bring that outside to play or sing a few camp songs around the fire pit.

PlAY FLASHLIGHT TAG: So much fun for kids to run around in the dark with flashlights! flashlight tag is one of the best camping games for kids other flashlight games is Flashlight puppet show – Shadow puppets are always popular and you can set up a light stage with a simple flashlight to keep your kids busy and laughing for hours.

SNUGGLE UP FOR THE STORYTIME: Kids love storytime, especially when camping and sitting around a fire or in a tent. Use this time to engage and tell stories of when you were a kid or grab a good book.

 OUTDOOR MOVIE: Use a sheet to screen an outdoor movie, If you have a projector, hang a sheet on your fence and enjoy a movie outside. There is nothing like watching a movie under the stars!

DIY Lantern: Use glow sticks to make some DIY lanterns. Think of a fun camping craft idea like making camp glow in the dark lantern. Whatever you think your kids will enjoy doing.

SCAVENGER HUNT: Scavenger hunts are always fun!you can easily make up your own scavenger hunt.  For young kids color boxes and tape this to a plastic pail or paper bag.  Then, kids will hunt around the backyard looking for items of each color.