Frugal Living Tip

30 Fun Things to Do at Home 2020 and it doesn’t require to spend money

You can do these things while staying at home and you need not to spend money.

  1. Watching Youtube with family
  2. Writing the Diary
  3. Sleep
  4. Cooking, cleaning and detailing things like car or fridge.
  5. Watch movies or shows on Netflix
  6. Have a romantic rendezvous
  7. Do a hair and face mask, foot soak and paint nails and toenails
  8. Free apps for games like crossword puzzles 
  9. Read ebooks from the library app.
  10. Call family and talk.
  11. Balance checkbook and budget
  12. Gardening
  13. Play board games at home
  14. Play cards.
  15. Pilates, dancing, listening to music
  16. games nights
  17. Play Outside in Backyard
  18. upcycle crafting
  19. Go to the events tab on fb and scroll till I find something interesting
  20. Organize the house
  21. Hang out in Facebook
  22. Music play instruments

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