21 + Frugal Living tips and hacks from Grandma

Grandma always had a special way of raising kids.They have gone through great depression and World wars that forced them to use what they had, which normally wasn’t much. I truly salute to their strength and wisdom. We, young generation, surely should employ some of the frugalness.Here is top 20 Old-Fashioned Frugal Tips and hacks from Grandma in hopes that we can learn what it means to use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!

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  1. Grow Your OWN : Use your farm (now your backyard) and grow the vegetables, you like. Kids learn and contribute. Its full family fun and they love to see growing plants. Its ORGANIC Too.

2. AVOID CREDIT : The idea of credit has been around for ages, but the first credit card only came around 1950. In grandma’s time, credit was something much harder to navigate than nowadays, and was avoided unless necessary. So if you asked your grandma for frugal tips, she’d probably say to think twice before maxing out a credit card or taking out a huge loan to buy a non-necessity. DONT be trapped by false promises.

3. USE EVERYTHING. FIND the best usage. Grandma always found use of everything.

  • 4. Use reusables: Use reusable stuff to save money. Disposable products are bad for your budget. SAVE old containers for reuse.

5. Cook More Often: Make your family food. Going outside a lot hurts your pocket.

6. DIY Gifts: Give DIY Gifts. Why spend money when you can make yourself.Like grandma used to make its own photo frame.

7. Bake Your Own Bread and coffee

8. Make your own cleaning products. You can do it Today also.Check it out

9. Use Natural remedy in place of medicine. Here is the list of natural remedy which grandma has used and still in use. Check out the reader digest link.

10. Exercise by cleaning your house or working in the garden or washing cloths. Its absolutely free

  • 11.Save electricity and dry your cloth outside.

12. Grow your own roses and flowers for bouquets.

13. Drink water instead of soda or juice. Its more healthy too.

14. Plan well and stop wasting food. SAY NO TO THE PICTURE BELOW.

15. Have a price book to see how much you spent. Track everything, so that you avoid wasting money.

16. find free fun event for kids and go with your family for the day.Spend your day for cheap.

17. USE both side of paper before recycle. SAVE MONEY FOR YOURS AND SAVE TREE FOR MOTHER EARTH.

18. STAY ORGANIZED and dont buy the same thing again.

19. More importance on relationships than material possessions. This also helps to reduce the spending and gives a perfect family life.

20. SMALL House is better. Why to have more spending. Spend it wisely.

21. EAT at home. Improves family bonding and saves money.

  • Make several meals from once chicken


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