30 Fun Things to Do at Home 2020 and it doesn’t require to spend money

You can do these things while staying at home and you need not to spend money. Watching Youtube with family Writing the Diary Sleep Cooking, cleaning and detailing things like car or fridge. Watch movies or shows on Netflix Have a romantic rendezvous Do a hair and face mask, foot soak and paint nails and toenails Free apps for games like crossword puzzles  Read ebooks from the library app. Call family and talk. Balance checkbook and budget Gardening Play board games at home Play cards. Pilates, dancing, listening to music games nights Play Outside in Backyard upcycle crafting Go to the events tab on fb and scroll till I find something interesting Organize the house Hang out in Facebook Music play instruments

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Today we are going over the TOP FRUGAL GROCERY SHOPPING TIPS that can save you money. I prefer to shop at Aldi or Walmart for the best prices.  If I go to Walmart I am able to use coupons to try to get the best price. I use apps (Ibotta, Checkout 51, Saving Star, coupons.com, etc.) when planning my shopping list. In addition, I scan receipts on Receipt Pal, Receipt Hog, Coinout, and Fetch Rewards that accumulate points that can be cashed in for rewards/money. 1. MAKE A MEAL PLAN I make a list of only necessities for the week and I absolutely DO NOT get anything that is not on my list. Based on my Meal plan I make a GROCERY LIST before shopping. 2. MAKE A GROCERY LIST When you make a shopping list for what you need, you minimize the risk of wandering aisles and doing a…

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