Make New Heart-shaped Crayons by recycling Old Crayons

Old crayons can actually be repurposed to make some pretty amazing crafts. These can even be turned into adorable heart valentines when using a heart-shaped valentine gift. You can also create new colors by blending different shades. So, DON’T THROW YOUR OLD BROKEN CRAYONS, MAKE SOME NEW CRAYONS! Enjoy this fun and quick activity with your Kids. Learn how to make these easy and really cute homemade Valentine’s Day melted crayon heart gifts that are perfect for your child’s classroom friends and teachers! ❤ Much better than candy 🙂 So, let see how to make it. My daughter helped me to make it. Kids can make crayons in endless shapes and color combinations, too!  Here’s how! Check out the steps below to see how fast you can turn your old crayons into the new Heart shape crayons. (This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using my link,…

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