10 Frugal Living Hacks To Save Money (That ACTUALLY Work)

How can you save money and live frugally without compromising your quality of life? From saving at restaurants to how to prevent needless online shopping— today I’m sharing my top 10 tips for frugal living. Let’s get into it!

One of the very best frugal living ideas is to reduce the amount you spend each month on groceries and eating out. The best way to save money on eating out is to eat out less! The less you spend, the more you can save for other goals.

Prepare meals at home also ensure that you don’t waste excess food.

Learning to cook a wide variety of meals could save you money. Learn to cook from scratch instead of cooking by the recipe! It will save you so much more money. If you go by recipe, you end up buying more, a lot of the time ingredients that you only need for a certain amount of recipes that you won’t get any more use of or that will go bad after a few days. I would always suggest keeping a cabinet of staples like rice, beans, lentils, pasta, dried herbs, and spices and make it work from there – so you only need to add fresh produce, veggies maybe meat, and dairy products if you want. Freeze leftover veggies!

Planning out meals for the week, putting the grocery list into the Walmart app and then selecting the free pick up option saves time and money by removing temptation inside the store.

Shop with a grocery list and a price comparison sheet! Make a list, only buy items that you need! 

USE store apps where you can clip DIGITAL coupons. Most grocery stores have their store apps where you can clip DIGITAL coupons on the items that will help you to save extra money as well. Also, buy a larger size if you know you are going to consume it all. the larger size gives better value. Check the label and price before you add it to your cart.


USE CASHBACK APPS. Sign up for a grocery money-saving app like ibotta, EBATES. They are a fun and easy way to save money whenever you shop! With the free Ibotta app, you earn cashback on purchases you make every day from your favorite grocery and other stores such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and many more!

One of the biggest things I always ask myself before purchases are, “Do I really need this? Do I have something similar to it? Will this replace another item?” I Don’t Buy if I don’t see the need to upgrade my phone or camera.

Never pay full retail price for anything! Always look for sales and rebates !!! If you do a lot of ONLINE shopping “add to cart and wait”

Look into price-match options. Many big department stores will price match each other’s sales.

Another great app to download to help you price match is Supersavvy is a mobile app that lets you scan the barcode of any product and compare all the best prices online and locally. 

Buy REUSABLE instead OF DISPOSABLE: Use microfiber towels in place of paper towels you will be saving lots of money in the long run.

Go out in NATURE: Skip the movie theatre, arcades or other entertainment places. Go outside and spend time in nature around your local city there are tons of city parks and biking trails, it’s a great way to do some extra exercise and you can also skip your gym membership, Also you will spend valuable Family time without spending on entertainment.

CUT DOWN YOUR PHONE COSTS, paying $60-100 every month on phone bill its a lot. consider comparing prices and ask friends what service they are using.

FIND FREE EVENTS for a family outing. There are usually a ton of free things to do in your area. Whether your goal is to plan a spring break, summer, or winter family staycation; fill a free weekend with fun plans, or take a visiting friend on a “locals only” tour. Enjoy a no-spend weekend.


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